LIMITED TIME ONLY - Black Lives Matter Lettering Foiled Sticker Die Cut

LIMITED TIME ONLY - Black Lives Matter Lettering Foiled Sticker Die Cut

  • $2.75

Available for a limited time only. This listing is for our hand lettered Black Lives Matter holo foiled sticker die cut. This may contain minor imperfections, as it is handmade. It is approximately 2.5" tall/wide. Printed with a black background on our premium matte sticker paper; peel the backing to stick it down somewhere like you would a sticker.

All proceeds from this listing will be donated to the Black Lives Matter organization. We also offer this item as a FREE digital download in a separate listing.

Please join us in donating:

BLACK LIVES MATTER. The state of the US is heartbreaking. Racial injustice and police brutality have been going on for far too long. George Floyd was targeted because of the color of his skin. He died by the hands of men put in positions of power to protect and serve him. How many more people need to be mistreated or killed for changes to be made? This has been a tipping point for our country. Many are protesting across the nation. Some are participating in rioting and looting. It's unfortunate and sad that it has come to this. But we at Shine Sticker Studio want all of our friends and customers in the black community to know we stand with you. We support your cause, OUR cause, to bring about positive changes for our society and correct the racial injustices that you and your loved ones face every day. 

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