Girl Boss Stickers

  • $3.00

This listing is for one sheet of stickers designed with the Girl Boss, Planner Boss or Office Boss in mind inspired by a conversation among sticker shop owners about how they were encountering printer problems and cutting machine problems and we all realized that such problems are more common than we think. We're pretty much all in this together, right? We need stickers for that!

Option 1 sheet: Here you have some colorful hand-drawn, hand-lettered stickers, "Girl Boss" with a water brush pen, "Need More Coffee" with a tall "Girl Boss" coffee mug, "Crunch Time" for when you gotta crank out those orders, an uncooperative printer "We be jammin" and a non-working"Nope, Not Today" cutting machine. Right in the center, turned sideways, is the most important thing to remember, "You Got This... No, really, You do!"

Option 2: Offers alternative stickers "Girl Boss" with a pen and an uncooperative laptop computer.

Hopefully, when you're having a bit of a rough day, you'll find comfort and humor in these cute little stickers.

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Printed on 3.625" x 4.5" sticker paper.