OOPS TOTE Luna and Star Shine Bright Canvas Bag - 1 PER CUSTOMER

  • $15.00

ONE PER PERSON, PLEASE - Specialty Item - Limited Quantities

These totes are OOPS totes and have not met our quality standards; they have been discounted.

By purchasing this listing you accept the condition in which you receive it. You are aware and agree to receiving a tote that IS NOT perfect and will have obvious flaws.

Regular OOPS totes will have a minor flaw like a printing error, dirty spots, etc. on the front and/or back. SUPER OOPS will have a more obvious imperfection which can be a printing error, dirty spots, and/or a nonfunctioning zipper. See photos for examples of what you can expect to receive.

This bag features our characters Luna in light and dark skin tone and Star the Unicorn, with a bright pastel rainbow and light blue background. Our Shine logo appears on the back of the tote bag. The bag has a zipper closure and inside of the bag has a white lining. The straps are white as well. 

Size is aproximately 16.5" x 16".

Totes will be in a plastic protective bag and folded/rolled to reduce shipping costs.